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Working in Bed? Here’s How to Stay Comfortable

Working in Bed? Here’s How to Stay Comfortable

Not everyone has the luxury of working from home, but if you do, you’re probably guilty of working in bed.

For others, working from the safe, pillowed confines of the bed might be the only way to get any work done at all.

Whether you’re addicted to working in bed or you only do it on occasion, back support and working ergonomically is important if you want to minimize lasting damage.

In addition to investing in an ergonomic mattress, below, we’ll cover simple ways to make your working in bed experience a good one.

Is Working Bed Bad for Your Health?

There isn’t a true consensus in the medical community about whether or not working in bed is unhealthy. That said, most experts agree that it can cause back and neck problems if the appropriate precautions are not taken.

Prolonged bed rest is not recommended even for people who are suffering from a back injury. Of course, working in bed can have the same downsides as extensive bed rest.

Spending long periods of time in bed can weaken muscles and ligaments limiting the body’s ability to support the spine and hips correctly.

Ultimately, working from bed doesn’t have to be a source of pain or discomfort as long as you treat your body kindly as you work.

Reduce Back Pain With a Supportive Mattress

Back pain, particularly lower back pain, can be a risk when working in bed. To reduce the likelihood of exacerbating any back support issues, invest in a good quality mattress.

To reduce and prevent back pain and strain, researchers recommend a mattress that is “medium-firm” with enough support to “hold” the body.

For this reason, foam mattresses with pressure-relieving support are an ideal choice for working in bed. Foam mattresses provide the winning combination of softness and firmness in the right quantities to ensure the body is supported and the spine is properly aligned.

The latest generation of foam mattresses features a layered system that prevents motion disturbance, which is also great for keeping your work organized and in one place at all times.

Get Yourself a “Lap Desk”

Without a desk to work at, you might be tempted to simply place your laptop in your lap while you work. Despite what the name implies, the ideal positioning of your laptop should be higher, at a more comfortable height.

A lap desk or a tray table can provide the necessary height to allow your arms, wrists, elbows, and neck to sit at a more natural and comfortable angle.

Having a structured work surface can also lend stability and reduce any strain you might experience as a result of working in a soft environment with limited support.

Finally, a lap desk can be used to organize your work area to prevent losing pens, your phone, and any other tools you might need.

Sealable and Leak-Proof Food Containers

If you’re working in bed, you’re probably also snacking and eating a few meals in bed throughout the workday.

Food crumbs and spills can be annoying to clean up, but they can also do permanent damage to your sheets, pillows, and even your mattress.

Reduce spills and prevent the growth of bacteria as a result of food particles by using sealable and leak-proof containers. Everything from your morning coffee to the dressing on your salad for lunch should be safely contained.

In the spirit of making doubly sure that your mattress stays clean and sanitary, also consider adding a mattress protector over your mattress. Mattress protectors with anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, and dust repellent properties can go a long way in preserving the quality of your mattress and your health.

Use Pillows to Prop Yourself Up and Support Your Back

When using a pillow to prop yourself upright, you’ll need something with enough bounce and firmness to keep yourself sturdy.

Pillows crafted with natural latex and soft poly fiber filling offer enough strength, responsiveness, and durability to last you while resting against them for long periods of time.

The Key Takeaway

Working in bed isn’t for everyone, but for those who prefer it, it can be a way of life. Enjoy its benefits without risking your health and wellbeing. Take advantage of the technology available for ease of use and comfort.

From foam mattresses (like the 2920 Mattress!) to lap desks to bouncy pillows, these creature comforts can actually be essential to keeping you comfortable all day.

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