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This is the Best RV Mattress for Road Trippin’

The best RV mattress should be comfortable, easy to move, affordable and the right size.

This is the Best RV Mattress for Road Trippin’

The best RV mattress should be comfortable, easy to move, affordable and the right size.

For families or individuals ready to hit the road in their RV for a week-long vacation or maybe even a longer road warrior adventure, the RV becomes a second home. No matter how long your travel plans, the RV is where you sleep, relax and share a meal… or two.

So your RV needs to feel like home, especially the sleeping areas. If you’re driving during the day, you can’t feel drowsy. A good night’s sleep is crucial to feeling great and enjoying those crazy adventures.

Sweet dreams start with a good mattress. But the best RV mattress has to fit many requirements on the road. Your mattress needs to be:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comfortable
  • Priced Right
  • The right size for your sleeping areas

Let’s face it, space is limited in an RV. So you can’t choose a mattress that’s too big. And the best RV mattress needs to be easy to deal with when it comes time to cleaning the sleep area.

Of course, you also need a mattress that lets you sleep comfortably and supports the body. No traveler wants to wake up sore and then sit in the driver’s seat for hours.

Best RV Mattress: Pack Light

But why is a lightweight mattress ideal for RVs? Heavier mattresses are cumbersome, and extra weight also means lower MPG.

You don’t want to lug a massive mattress into an RV. You may need to clean the sleeping area, and you’ll want to be able to move that mattress easily.

Remember, you’re going to be on the road. So anything can happen. Campers have had bug infestations or other crazy cleaning issues. Portable mattresses are the best RV mattresses.

Yes, that mattress needs to be easy to move. But it also needs to be easy to clean, too! You never know what will happen on the road. Someone could get sick or spill something on the bed.

Since coil, latex, and memory foam mattresses can be heavy, they’re harder to move, flip and clean. You should always protect your sleep area with a mattress protector or cover, as this makes it easier to clean spills and messes.

And you also should rotate your mattress regularly to get the most life out of that investment.

So what are the best lightweight mattresses? Opt for a poly foam (not memory foam) mattress like the 2920 Mattress. They’re designed for in-home use but why compromise when you’re on the road! They’re easy to move and even easier to set up. You can even rent a van equipped with a special low-profile custom 2920 Mattress!

Comfort is important! The best RV mattress shouldn’t leave you sore in the morning.

Best RV Mattress: Comfort Counts

Going on a cross-country adventure? You’re going to be driving…a LOT. So a restful night is important to ensure that you can clock all those hours behind the wheel. You’ll also likely stop to explore sites and unique places along the way.

You don’t want to be tired and sore. So any old mattress won’t cut it! While some RV lovers might opt for a cheap air mattress, you really need more comfort.

Again, a foam mattress is soft and conforms to your body for ideal support and comfort. You’ll sleep great and won’t wake up to aches and pains. Unless, of course, you sleep in a crazy position… or you did some extreme sports!

Insider tip! Memory foam has a habit of turning hard in cold temperatures. Be sure to look for a new generation poly foam mattress that doesn’t harden up in cold temperatures.

Best RV Mattress:  Much Money?

Your RV will be a home away from home, but many travelers have to be mindful of how much they invest in their RV’s features. A mattress is an expensive purchase, and, yes, you need a good mattress for the RV.

However, you also may be on a budget. So the best RV mattress should be affordable. This is why buying a mattress online is often the best choice; the prices tend to be more reasonable than in-store offerings and includes free and fast shipping.

When shopping for your RV mattress, be sure to set a budget. Then use that number to guide your purchase decision. You may opt for a smaller size mattress so you can fit the purchase into the budget.

And size matters, too….

The best RV mattress needs to fit in your sleeping space! Be sure to measure twice.

Best RV Mattress: Size and Space

RVs have limited space, especially for sleeping areas. You might not be able to purchase that dream King-size mattress like the one you have at home.

The space and dimensions of your RV dictate the size mattress you can choose. Can that space only accommodate a full-size mattress or could you upgrade to a Queen?

Opt for twin-sized mattresses for kids’ sleeping areas. For other spaces, be mindful of the dimensions of the sleeping area. Remember, though, to select a size that comfortably fits you or you and your partner. If you have the space to size-up, you might consider choosing the larger mattress.

Many RVs have non-standard sized sleeping areas. Consider this before purchasing and think about DIY options to get the right mattress.

Many will purchase a slightly larger foam mattress that is designed for full-time home use – instead of a lower quality RV-sized mattress – and have it cut to size for a perfect fit. This can be a great way to get a premium mattress at an affordable price.

A bonus tip is to look for a mattress with a zippered cover (like the 2920 mattress) as it makes the job easier. It’s easier to clean a removable mattress cover in case of spills! Just remember that any modifications to a mattress will void the warranty.

For RVs and vans with limited space, 2920 Sleep also makes custom hand-built low profile mattresses designed to fit your space perfectly. We designed the custom mattress with input from our Ambassadors who sleep on 2920 products both at home and on the road and need to get great sleep every night.

The custom mattresses feature low toxic materials, a special water and stain resistant zippered cover, and are designed to sleep great in a wide temperature range from below freezing to mid-summer days.

Best RV Mattress: Trial Period

If you’re buying a mattress online, read the warranty and return information before you make that purchase. Most companies should allow you to try out the mattress for a period of time.

At 2920 Sleep, we give buyers 100 nights to decide whether or not they like the mattress. A great idea is to order the mattress and try it at home first… some customers end up buying two mattresses – one for home and one for the RV!

If you’re heading out on the road for a seaside vacation in that RV or choosing to live the RV life for a year or more, you’ll need the best RV mattress. Obviously, you need a mattress that’s comfortable and supportive. But the unique life in an RV also means that the mattress should be easy to move. It also has to be affordable and the right size for your sleeping space.

A memory foam mattress that you can buy online–like 2920 Sleep!–is the best RV mattress for road trippers. Our mattresses are affordable, supportive and are offered in all the standard sizes. And, of course, you’ll be able to sleep well on the road!

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