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Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain

woman suffering with lower back pain

Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain

woman suffering with lower back pain

It’s no secret that not all mattresses are created equal. But did you know that sleeping on the wrong mattress can worsen or even cause lower back pain?

Your mattress in an investment, and it has the power to either cause pain and discomfort, or to help alleviate pain and get you a better night’s sleep. This guide will walk you through exactly why the 2920 Mattress is the best mattress for lower back pain.

Origins of Back Pain

Having lower back pain? Maybe it’s near your lower spine or you notice shooting pain on one side. Perhaps you noticed the pain after playing sports, after a night of tossing and turning or maybe the issue has been persistent for a weeks or months.

While your mattress and your sleep position may help ease your back pain, you should see a doctor or health professional if the pain has been a chronic problem. There are numerous medical conditions that can cause aches and pains. Although your bed can’t cure all that pain, a good mattress could help soothe the soreness.

Sleep and Pain Correlation

Sleep is necessary for optimum energy and wellness, but pain at night could keep you from falling asleep. According to an article by the National Sleep Foundation: “Sixty-five percent of those with no pain reported good or very good sleep quality, while only 45 percent of those with acute pain and 37 percent of those with chronic pain did the same.”

Pain also may cause you to toss and turn at night, and those movements might aggravate the injured or tender area. So what can you do to help lull the body into sleepy dreams, even when you’re hurting? NSF recommends that those with pain can try relaxation exercises and also drink less caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

pain relief

The 2920 Mattress – An Investment in Better Sleep

According to reviews, “the 2920 Mattress has a superior quality feel and build. Straight out of the box it is ready to sleep on….” If you’re a little unsure about box mattresses and the support they offer…relax! While it might seem odd that a mattress packed in a box can provide amazing support, you should never be fooled by outside appearances.

Box mattress are compressed for packing, but they come to life once opened. The mattresses inflates to full depth and size within 24 hours of removing it from the packaging. Not all box mattresses are created equal though, and many brands offer unique support features.

You may be wondering exactly how the 2920 Mattress is different from other foam beds.

Here are some key features of the mattress that were implemented to give you a better night’s sleep while providing relief from pain and discomfort:

1. Motion Disturbance

The creators of the 2920 mattress knew that partner disturbance can result in major sleep issues. A mattress without proper support and cushion might let you feel every move your partner makes during the night.

The 2920 mattress is designed to exceed the highest levels for stability, meaning a better night’s sleep for you. And of course a better night’s sleep will give your back a chance to fully relax.

2. Comfort Stack Sleep System

The unique four-layer design of the 2920 mattress delivers the best support possible and gives you a great night’s sleep.

Pressure Relief Layer: 2” layer of new generation foam with millions of micro air coils; provides best-in-class pressure relief, motion control, and temperature regulation.

Support & Comfort Layer: 1” layer of premium foam providing increased support while still giving excellent pressure relief.

Core Support Layer: 5.5” layer providing overall support.

Edge-to-Edge Base Layer: Firmer 1.5” layer provides enhanced “edge-to-edge” support & increases overall usable sleeping surface.

3. Temperature Regulation

The mattress cover incorporates heat adaptive technology – used by performance athletic companies – the 2920 Mattress helps you sleep cool and dry.

4. Durability

Tested extensively to give us the confidence to provide a 10-year warranty against premature wear and tear at no cost to the customer (the average mattress is replaced after 7-8 years).

2920 Sleep also provides a 100 night trial. You get 100 nights to try the 2920 Mattress at home. If you change your mind, they will pick it up and give you a 100% refund.

A foam mattress is the ideal choice for people suffering from back pain. Our choice is the 2920 Mattress because of the additional benefits it provides along with being a great foam mattress.

Ready to buy? Check out this guide on choosing the right size mattress for you.

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