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I’ve recommended the 2920 Pillow to patients due to the adjustability and quality of materials. People need different pillows depending on their sleeping position — a flatter pillow for back sleeping, a bigger and curved pillow for side sleeping, and a very moldable pillow for stomach sleeping… The 2920 Pillow allows you to take out filling to make it flatter, and also to move filling around to positions that need it most. That’s why this is one of the few pillows I recommend to patients who sleep in multiple positions.

Valerie Witkow, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Los Angeles, CA.

The pillow is epic. I used it on our last road trip and was in love. It stays so cool and is just the right amount of firm and has a good weight to it! I love it. I’ve always struggled with pillows in the past – so it’s great to try a pillow that feels so good!

Noel Russell

I generally don’t need a lot of time for sleep, my motto is quality over quantity, so having a great mattress and pillow are paramount. My wife bought me this pillow about a month ago because I’d complained in passing about needing a better pillow as my neck was hurting. Being the over achiever that she is, she researched and ordered this pillow for me. I must say that I was originally a skeptic but it’s perfect! We’ve since ordered one for my wife as well. I never write reviews but I really have been getting great sleep lately, so I’m compelled to share.

Jonathon Tate

Over the past month, I’ve been sleeping on a 2920 customizable pillow, and at least for me, it’s proved to be the end-all of pillows! This customizable pillow has ended my neckaches and double pillow stacking routine that I’ve found with other pillows! As a back sleeper, it presents the perfect height and support for my neck, as well providing a comfortable and soft landing for my head! I’ve tried many pillows, including that well-advertised one on TV, and I can honestly say this is the best pillow that I’ve ever owned!

Jeremy Alicandri

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