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The 2920 Mattress has a superior quality feel and build. Straight out of the box it was ready to sleep on with zero off-gassing. Most mattresses require up to 24 hours to fully restore — this was certainly not the case with the 2920 Mattress. The cover has a soft desirable feeling. Most importantly, the 2920 Mattress has much better overall support, and edge support, than others at this price-point such as Leesa and Casper., the leading independent reviewer of mattresses.

Mattresses and pillows are a necessary and integral part of spinal hygiene. Support, comfort and durability should be considered when bed shopping. The 2920 Sleep construction is leading edge and the materials used are superior… leading edge for sure.

Dr. David Craig, Mammoth Chiropractic & Sports Medicine. Mammoth Lakes, CA.

The 2920 Mattress is the first mattress I’ve seen that offers the ideal support, integrity of craftsmanship, and extreme affordability… I’ve found that the 2920 Mattress is comfortable for back sleepers, but allows for correct pressure distribution when people flip to their sides… In other words, it is soft enough to offload your bony prominences (like your hips and tailbone) but firm and supportive enough to support your greatest curves (like your lumbar spine). I feel very comfortable recommending this mattress to my patients.

Valerie Witkow, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Los Angeles, CA.

Being an athlete, getting a good night’s sleep is imperative. The 2920 Mattress has offered a super-reliable night’s sleep and has been a perfect balance of comfort and support, allowing me to wake up feeling rested and recovered from long days in the mountains. And I’m an extra big fan of the fact that it had no off gassing!

Chris Benchetler, Professional Skier.

It is without a doubt the most comfortable surface I have ever slept on. I have totally fallen in love. I can’t thank you enough. My only worry is that it’s going to make me soft 🙂 But I’m betting the improved sleep will just help my recovery and therefore make me stronger.

Tommy Caldwell,

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