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How Big is A Queen Bed Mattress?

A couple cuddles up together asleep in bed.

How Big is A Queen Bed Mattress?

A couple cuddles up together asleep in bed.

When shopping for a new mattress, couples may be unsure as to what size bed they need to fit two people comfortably. Is a full-size too small? Is a king too big? Cost plays into the choice too, as the price goes up with the mattress dimensions.

In many cases, a queen bed mattress size tends to be the perfect in-between mattress size for sleeping two. While a queen sized mattress is the same length as a King, the queen is wider than a full-size mattress. The queen is less expensive than a king and a little bit pricier than a full-size mattress.

How big is a queen sized mattress really, though?

Here’s how the queen mattress dimensions stack up:

  • Queen length measures 80 inches (or 6 feet 8 inches)
  • The length is the same as a king, but it measures five inches longer than a full-size.
  • A queen’s width measures 60 inches (or 5 feet)
  • The width is six inches larger than a full-size but 16 inches narrower than a king.
  • Depth measurements for the queen depends the mattress brand. For 2920, the depth is 10 inches.

Is a Queen Size Mattress Size Wide Enough for a Couple?

The queen sized mattress dimensions for length are the same as a King, but the queen offers less room to move in than a king. In fact, the queen sized mattress size offers 16 inches less than a king…that’s almost a foot and a half.

 The National Sleep Foundation notes that the queen is optimum for couples who sleep snuggled up. So when is the width a problem? How do you know if the leaner dimensions might cramp your sleep?

The best advice is to try out a mattress at a store, hotel or friend’s house and make sure the two of you fit comfortably. Queen dimensions are the same across most mattress brands.

The width could be a problem if:

  • You roll around at night
  • You sleep spread out
  • Your partner sleeps sprawled out on the bed or moves a LOT
  • Sleeping on a queen has caused comfort issues in the past

Size Up Your Size: Queen Size Mattress Dimensions in Feet

One of the easiest ways to determine if a queen sized mattress size is right for the two of you is to review the queen size mattress dimensions in feet and compare them to your own measurements. For two bodies to sleep comfortably, the width or length can’t be too cramped.

For many people, the length isn’t the problem. Both queen size mattresses and king size mattress measure six feet eight inches of length. This length fits most heights comfortably and without worry of feet hanging over the edge.

The queen sized dimensions in feet regarding width measurements, however, is only five feet. This is a lot of space for most couples. Again, though, if one of you tends to sprawl out, those five feet will feel like two feet!

Comparing Other Sizes: Do Two Twin Mattresses Make a Queen?

Some people assume that the queen bed mattress size is the equivalent of placing two twin mattresses together. So do two twin mattresses make a queen? Let’s look at the twin dimensions to check this theory!

A twin mattress has the following measurements:

  • 38 inches in width
  • 75 inches in length

Two twins would equal a width of 76 inches and the same length. Remember, a queen bed mattress size only has a width that measures 60 inches.

Do two twin mattresses make a queen? No! Two twins placed side-by-side would be wider than a Queen and a California king bed size. Two twins are the same width as a King-size bed, but are 5 inches shorter… two twin XLs are the same size as a King mattress.

Where did the theory of the two twins come from? For queen and king mattress sizes, two smaller box springs are often used beneath the mattress for support. Companies typically don’t make box springs in larger sizes, and this is why many people assume a queen or a king is the same size as two twins or two twin XLs.

How Big is a Queen Bed in Feet?

Size also becomes an issue outside of the mattress itself. The bed frame—that’s the slat, headboards, etc.—is what holds the mattress off the floor.

There really isn’t one true size for queen bed frames. How big is a queen bed frame in feet depends on the type of bed and its construction. Typically, the bed itself has to be a little bit bigger than the mattress to allow for movement and make moving the mattress easier. You don’t want such a tight fit that you can’t get the mattress out of the bed or have the mattress hanging over the sides of the bed!

Some beds are extremely ornate, and the wood detailing may add to the dimensions of the bed. Before you choose any bed—or mattress—you should measure your room (twice!) to determine if your bed will fit the room.

The bed frame should not be so large that it overtakes your whole bedroom, but the bed shouldn’t be so small that you have little space to sleep.

Is the queen bed mattress perfect for couples? That really depends on the couple. Try out the bed and make sure the two of you fit comfortable in the queen’s dimensions. However, the bed also has to fit in your bedroom. For some couples, a bigger bed like a King just isn’t an option because of space. Ultimately, personal comfort, your budget and bedroom size determine what size mattress (and bed) you choose!

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