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Is a Pressure Relieving Mattress Best for a Good Night’s Sleep?

Want the perfect night of sleep? Find a mattress that offers the best comfort and support.

Is a Pressure Relieving Mattress Best for a Good Night’s Sleep?

Want the perfect night of sleep? Find a mattress that offers the best comfort and support.

Getting enough sleep is imperative for good health. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that most adults should clock in between seven to nine hours each night. But our sleep position or our mattress could be impacting those nightly zzzz’s.

If you’re tossing and turning at night or wake up feeling a bit sore, then it could be a mattress issue. Good support is a key feature to any mattress, and many mattresses are also designed to relieve pressure from certain areas of the body.

But is a pressure relieving mattress best for a good night’s sleep? That just depends. Maybe a new mattress could be the answer to improve sleep.

Most Americans report they have problems sleeping. This motivated a study to see if a new mattress (or “bedding system”) played a role in alleviating aches and improving sleep quality.

The study revealed that changing mattresses did play a role in alleviating pain and improving sleep.

Many of us know–through personal experience–that a mattress and its support doesn’t last forever. So while looking for pressure relieving support could be important, perhaps the key is switching out the old mattress for something new, especially when we feel that our sleep quality is deteriorating. And support isn’t even the full story; mattress design, sleeping position, and budget are also important!

Is a Pressure Relieving Mattress Best: Check Your Position

How you sleep can affect your comfort and maybe how you feel when you wake up. Some people love to sleep on their back. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the most comfortable position for everyone. And it could aggravate snoring or sleep apnea. Sleeping on your back also could cause back pain.

However, The National Sleep Council notes that sleeping on your back is still best and stated that “sleeping on your back allows your head, neck, and spine to rest in a neutral position.”

Side sleeping  is also a good position and isn’t likely to leave you feeling sore in the morning. The National Sleep Council noted that this position may keep back and neck pain at bay because it elongates the spine.

Sleeping on your stomach, though, isn’t so great. According to The Cleveland Clinic, this position compresses the spine. So, yes, rethink that position!

Is a Pressure-Relieving Mattress Best: When to Buy an Upgrade

So what if you are sleeping in a great position but you’re still waking up sore? It might be time to throw out the old mattress and buy something new.

A mattress lasts for about 8-10 years, but yours may need to be replaced sooner especially if it has developed significant indentations or you’ve gained or lost weight. And since good latex mattresses offer great support but are often 3x as much as a comparable quality foam mattress, this could be the time to try out a poly foam mattress that is also designed to have the best characteristics of latex for support and pressure relief!

So what should you look for in a foam mattress? All foam mattresses are not created equal. You need a mattress that provides:


The mattress should provide adequate support for your body. Memory foam mattresses are great for pressure relieving support. But the downside to many memory foam mattresses is that they can get hot during the night and your body gets trapped into a sunk position.

Most of us can’t sleep if we feel too hot or too cold, so temperature control is a key point of comfort too. If the mattress feels like you’re baking, then you still won’t sleep well!

Instead look for a poly foam mattress that offers a cooling technology and avoids the use of memory foam like the 2920 Mattress. This will ensure that your body won’t feel too hot when you sleep on your new mattress.

You need a mattress that is large enough to comfortably fit your body and your partner, too. Don’t skimp on space if you know that you spread out during the night. You may also toss and turn; consider your sleep position and your sleep experience when choosing the right size.

Of course, the mattress also has to fit your budget. But many mattress companies offer financing options that let you pay for the mattress over the duration of several months. Most companies understand that a good mattress is a pricey investment.

Is a Pressure-Relieving Mattress Best:  Try it Out

If you’re waffling about a new mattress, understand that a good company won’t put the risk of trying a new mattress on the consumer. Especially if you buy online.

Many mattresses sold online—including the 2920 Mattress!—offer a trial period for buyers to test out their new purchase. If it doesn’t work for your body or you just don’t like the mattress, many companies allow returns up to a certain time period.

2920 Sleep offers a 100-night trial period. You therefore have more than three months to test out the mattress and see if that mattress lulls you into the sweetest of dreams. This is especially important as it takes time for your body to adapt to any new mattress – 15 minutes in the showroom doesn’t cut it!

Is a pressure-relieving mattress the best for a good night’s sleep? That really depends on your body. Foam helps provide great pressure-relieving qualities and by also providing a supportive structure, the 2920 Mattress offers you an affordable option to get the best of both features!

The best way to find out if a pressure relieving mattress is best is… to sleep on it!

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