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Buying Guide: Nectar vs. Purple vs. 2920Sleep

Nectar vs Purple vs 2920 Sleep

Buying Guide: Nectar vs. Purple vs. 2920Sleep

Everyone knows what it feels like to have a bad night’s sleep. You toss and turn and wake up feeling more tired than you were when you went to bed. On top of all that, your back is sore and your neck is stiff.

When those bad nights of sleep are more common than the restful ones, it’s time to think about getting a new mattress.

But how do you know which mattress to choose?

With so many mattress brands on the market, it can feel impossible to confidently choose a new one. But now there’s a mattress that truly stands out above the rest.

The 2920 Sleep Mattress is the creation of passionate innovators who want to bring you the very best that sleep technology has to offer.

Rethinking the competition

The team at 2920 Sleep wanted to rethink the competition. They wanted a mattress that didn’t try to reinvent sleep solutions, but perfect them. They decided to use the competition to their advantage. By understanding what the competitors do well, the team at Sleep 2920 created a mattress that does it better.

Unique Design

One thing that the Purple Mattress, Nectar Mattress and 2920 Mattress have in common is that they are each composed of multiple layers. It is not the use of layers that makes 2920 mattresses unique, but rather the structure of the layers and the property of each layer.

The designers at 2920 want to provide people with a great night’s sleep that they can feel good about. That is why each 2920 mattress is made in the USA from CertiPUR-US certified foams with a low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) rating. And the mattress offers great support and comfort from high-quality materials, including some of the newest developments in foam technology.

2920 Sleep discovered that while many top competitors such as Nectar and Purple were making strides in elevating the buying experience, there were few that had delivered best-in-class support and pressure relief.

The 2920 mattress is designed with a unique four-layered system – called the “Comfort Stack” –  that offers a great blend of optimal support and comfort.

First Layer

The top layer is a new generation breathable foam material made up of millions of air pockets that act like micro coils. These micro air coils quickly conform and adapt to your body – but it avoids the downsides of memory foam in that it does a great job of keeping your temperature regulated without the “stuck” or sinking feeling that memory foam often has.

Second Layer

The second layer supports the first with a unique blend of support and rebound. This layer provides increased support to the first layer while maintaining some softness and comfort.

Third Layer

The third layer is the thickest layer and is all about support for the main sleeping area of the mattress. At five and a half inches, it provides the bulk of the support and ensures the overall durability of the mattress.

Final Layer

The finishing touch is the bottom one and a half inch base layer. This is a firm base that extends beneath the entire mattress. This bottom layer helps extend the edge support of the mattress, giving you a bigger sleeping surface.

Targeting a bad night’s sleep at the source

The 2920 Mattress addresses the leading four causes of a bad night’s sleep: Support, Motion Disturbance, Temperature Regulation, and Durability.

Support and Pressure Relief

Because the 2920 mattress is a combination of both soft and firm layers, you can now be both comfortable and supported at the same time. Many leading competitors, such as Nectar, offer the comfort of memory foam.

An apparent benefit of memory foam is its ability to conform to your body. But after a while, you start to sink into the memory foam layer which contributes to that “stuck” or sinking feeling that many memory foam beds have.

2920 Mattress offers a new generation of foam in its top layer – which isn’t memory foam – that provides the same pressure relief and comfort but has the added benefit of being more responsive to your body and more breathable so you avoid the sinking feeling of memory foam and the heat buildup associated with sinking too far into the mattress.

Motion Disturbance

You’ve seen the commercials: jumping on the bed next to a full wine glass that doesn’t tip, getting up in the morning without disturbing your partner, and kids jumping on the bed without anything falling off. It’s the kind of bed everyone wants.

Lack of motion disturbance is a top marketing strategy for competitors, but 2920 leads the competition for the same reason it relieves pressure relief: the four layer system.

The layers work together to absorb motion in the same way that common memory foam mattresses do, but by using their unique Comfort Stack system they have blended the best of all worlds – great motion isolation from the new-gen top layer foam combined with 3 layers of progressive support.

Temperature Regulation

There’s nothing worse than waking up feeling hot and sweaty – a common complaint with foam and memory foam mattresses. The micro air pockets in the top layer of the 2920 Mattress makes it the perfect solution for temperature regulation so that you can enjoy a cool and dry night’s sleep.

2920 has also integrated the same heat adaptive technology that is used by many performance athletic companies into their mattress cover. This helps create a cool and dry sleep environment to make sure that you enjoy your sleep without worrying about overheating.


The 2920 mattress was rigorously tested, by both independent testing facilities and third-party testers. Then, because it is difficult to quantify exactly how well a mattress performs for support and comfort, the product development team further tested the mattress in the real world with chiropractors, athletes, physical therapists, and even hotels.

Using the feedback from those tests, 2920 perfected their mattress. Even after such extensive and confident testing, 2920 offers a 100 night trial — not to mention a 10 year warranty — to give you complete peace of mind.


Choosing a new mattress is not a light decision. Getting a good night’s sleep affects every part of your day, and can even affect your overall health.

Having a mattress that not only gives you a comfortable night’s sleep but also supports your body over time is essential to every other area of your life. For a decision so big, trust the 2920 Sleep Mattress to provide you with a better night’s sleep and peace of mind.

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