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I didn’t buy my first new mattress until I was 35

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I didn’t buy my first new mattress until I was 35

Isn’t it interesting that we spend a fortune on things that we rarely use, but when it comes to items that we routinely use, we try to save a few bucks. A great example for me, was my cell phone and a new bed. I finally upgraded my cell phone, but the bed took a little longer. I remember thinking it wasn’t something I needed to spend time or money on researching, because it didn’t matter that much. Did you know that you spend almost half your life in bed? It seems strange to skimp on a mattress when it touches your body more than anything else in your life. The idea of ‘savings’ here can be painful – literally.

I grew up sleeping on futons, bunk-beds, various couches and then later in college – uncomfortable dorm room beds and hand-me-down mattresses from family. Around the time I turned 35 I was experiencing some pretty severe back problems – I had been rear-ended, at one point had a foot brace that threw my hip out, and a knee injury from running. And of course, sore neck syndrome from all the computer work…. you know, just normal life stuff. At the time I was getting ready to move into a new apartment in Seattle and I was contemplating taking a futon from a friend.

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Fortunately, another friend was wise enough to recommend that I purchase a bed of my very own. He made a very good point when he reminded me that I was a 35-year-old adult asking a friend for a futon. I laughed out loud, he had a very good point!

He also reminded me that buying a new mattress was an investment in myself. He calculated that I would only need to skip 30 dine-out meals per year in order to afford a mattress. Those meals are fun, but they only last a couple of hours, and they certainly won’t improve your back pain or sleep.

Improving your sleep when you’re a hard sleeper like me seems impossible, but the truth is, once I got that new mattress I started sleeping better than I had in years. Islept longer, found it easier to fall asleep, and easier to get up in the morning. Not only that, I felt my back and neck changing. After six months of sleeping on a good mattress, much of my chronic low and mid-back pain was fading away.

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Scrimp and save by all means, but when it comes to your health, sleep, and body, make it a priority. There are plenty of affordable mattress options –especially online–that provide all the comfort, great sleep, and pain relief you need. For me, it was the 2920 Sleep mattress and pillows. With a 100-night trial I knew I had nothing to lose and so much to gain.

A really great night’s sleep – consistently night after night after night — on a comfortably firm yet soft enough for pressure relief mattress that keeps you cool and cozy all night long… Now that is the gift that you can and SHOULD give yourself. Your back has earned it, and I promise you deserve it. Thank me later.

A. Walker
Portland, OR

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