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How to Make Money On the Road When Living the Van Life

Making money living the van life

How to Make Money On the Road When Living the Van Life

Making money living the van life

The van life isn’t for everyone, but it certainly is a different path for those that choose this way of expanding their horizons.

When starting the van life there is a lot to consider. The new living space and freedom to stop in any location offers both benefits and challenges. This is not a small decision, and so anyone considering it should make sure to think things through and fully plan their van life.

Setting up this way of living isn’t as cheap as you might expect, and you will also need to massively downsize your existing life. Of course, once you get near to being mobile and living from a van, then you also need to consider how to make money while on the road.

Ways to Make Money On the Road

In this article, we talked to a few people living the van life, who shared with us some of the ways they make money while on the road:

  • Keep Your Existing Job – Before you consider quitting your job and heading out on your travels, consider whether or not you actually need to be in the office. There are lots of ways employers can monitor employee activities remotely, and so you could find you can take your current job on your travels. If your current job doesn’t fit this lifestyle, but you’ve been a good employee, consider whether there is another role in the company that you could fill. Employers spend a lot of time and money finding and training staff. Therefore, it makes more sense to keep good staff whenever possible.
  • Arts & Crafts – If you have an artistic flair, then consider selling your creations. This could be done online through marketplaces, or in person at markets and craft shows. The only real downside would be that cashflow often isn’t consistent.
  • Recoup Money from Your Home – Homeowners that don’t want to sell their property, could possibly earn from it by renting it out monthly, or even on sites like AirBnB.
  • Freelance Writing – You don’t need to be a pro in order to make some money from this. Companies need informative and creative articles to promote their businesses or the businesses of others. If you have a flair for writing, then you could also write and sell your own ebooks, or ghost write stories for others with an interesting book idea.
  • Virtual Assistant or Remote Worker – Many companies and people want someone to complete tasks for them. They need someone reliable, but often that person doesn’t need to be in the office. Mostly this kind of work will involve research, reports, texts, data entry, telescribing, etc.
  • Online Tutoring – Websites are available that pay people for tutoring children and adults around the world. They generally take a percentage from the fee paid, and pay the rest to tutor. This can be a flexible and profitable way to earn on the road. Another great twist to this could be teaching English to speakers of other languages. This way you would meet people from many countries and share your van adventures with them.
  • Sell Photos – Depending on where you are traveling in your van, you are likely to have the chance to create some incredible photos. While some you will want to keep private, others could be worth the money. There are lots of marketplaces online that allow people to earn money from uploading and selling their photographs.
  • Temp Work – There is also a lot of season work, such as fruit picking, farming, holiday resorts and more. All of these need people to work during the season, and leave them free afterwards. Many will allow you to work for a short period too, so this can be an ideal way to boost funds.

These options should at least give you a running start at earning while traveling. There are of course many more ways, and you might discover new ways yourself.

A lot of these do involve being connected to the internet, so don’t forget to prepare to make money on the road before you set off. Be sure to get yourself a good data plan for your mobile phone, or even satellite/portable WiFi if possible.

A good computer is essential, but should also be portable and have a long battery life (as you never know how long it could be between charges). Try to get a converter or generator for the van, so that electrical devices can be charged and you can enjoy some additional comforts.

Make sure you are comfortable when working. Collapsible workstations, or even bed tables for laptops can make a huge difference to your comfort and productivity. Speaking of comfort, be sure to research which mattress you use in your van, as sleep will massively impact productivity and even your entire enjoyment of the journey.

With this all in place, you should be ready to start rolling those wheels, safe in the knowledge that you can earn while on the road.

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