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How to Choose A Mattress For Ultimate Sleep Comfort

How to choose a mattress for ultimate sleep comfort

How to Choose A Mattress For Ultimate Sleep Comfort

How to choose a mattress for ultimate sleep comfort

A good mattress is the key to getting a good night’s sleep. But with so many options, it’s hard to determine which mattress is right for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  Here’s how to choose a mattress for ultimate sleep comfort:

  • Select A Size
  • Determine Your Favorite Sleeping Position
  • Consider Your Partner
  • Address Issues That Keep You Up At Night
  • Sleep On It

How to Select a Mattress Size

Size matters when it comes to mattresses. A mattress that is too big may take up too much space in your room, which can make it hard to get in and out of bed.

On the other hand, it’s hard to stretch out and get comfortable on a mattress that is too small. Which size is right for you? Here’s how to choose a mattress that is the right size:

  • Twin Mattress: Ideal for children or adults that sleep solo.
  • Full/Double Mattress: Ideal for adults who sleep alone but find the twin mattress to be too narrow.
  • Queen Mattress: Ideal for couples.
  • King Mattress: Ideal for couples who need extra space for pets or kids.
  • California King Mattress: Ideal for tall couples since it is the longest mattress size available.

Thinking about having kids or in search of a partner? Always opt for a size up so that you have “room to grow”.

What Is Your Favorite Sleeping Position?

Figuring out which position you like to sleep in the most can help you narrow down your options and choose a mattress that will provide the most comfort.

If you sleep on your back or stomach, your main priority should be finding a mattress that provides pressure relief and adequate support to the spine.

Side sleepers often experience pain in their shoulders and hips, so they need a mattress with a layer of foam that cushions these vulnerable pain points.

Keep these tips in mind so you can sleep comfortably in the position you prefer.

Does Your Partner Have a Favorite Sleeping Position?

Everyone changes sleeping positions several times throughout the night. However, it’s hard to sleep soundly if your partner constantly tosses and turns or gets in and out of bed throughout the night.

If your partner’s movements are keeping you up, it’s important to look for a mattress that will minimize these disruptions.

Most innerspring mattresses transfer a lot of motion, so it’s best to avoid this style if you sleep with a restless partner.

Polyfoam mattresses isolate motion so it never reaches your side of the bed. This style is the best choice for people who want to sleep through their partner’s tossing and turning.

What Issues Keep You Up At Night?

Everyone has unique sleep needs, so a mattress may not be right for you, even if it’s perfect for most people. Instead of worrying about what other people say about a mattress, focus on looking for a mattress that addresses the unique issues that keep you up at night.

Are you a sweaty sleeper? Memory foam traps more body heat than other mattresses, so it’s best to avoid this style if you tend to sweat at night. You need a mattress that is designed with technology that regulates your temperature and keeps you cool all night.

Is pain keeping you up at night? A mattress that is too hard can lead to aches and pains in the morning, but a mattress that is too soft will not provide the support you need to sleep. A mattress with a medium level of firmness will provide the right amount of support and comfort.

These are two examples of issues that keep many people up at night. Before you start shopping, make a list of the unique needs your mattress needs to address. Then, talk to the mattress company to determine which type of mattress addresses your nighttime issues.

Sleep On It

You never know how comfortable a mattress truly is until you sleep on it. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to purchase a mattress from a company that offers a no-risk sleep trial to customers.

A no-risk sleep trial allows you to sleep on the mattress for a certain number of nights to decide whether or not it is right for you. If it is, it’s yours! But if it’s not, you can return the mattress for a full refund.

Purchasing a mattress with a no-risk sleep trial ensures that you will not get stuck with a mattress that you are not 100% satisfied with.

What Mattress Should You Buy?

There are countless options when it comes to mattresses, but none that can compare to the 2920 Sleep Mattress.

The 2920 Sleep Mattress’s unique design addresses the leading causes of poor sleep, which are:

  • Support
  • Motion Disturbance
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Mattress Durability


Lack of sleep is often caused by a mattress’s lack of support. Luckily, the 2920 Sleep Mattress’s unique four-layer design meets the support needs of most sleepers.

This mattress is designed with a 2” top layer of foam that relieves pressure and prevents aches and pains. Underneath, there is a 1” layer of premium foam and 5.5” layer of core support that ensures the mattress will keep your spine in alignment while also conforming to the shape of your body.

The final 1.5” layer of the 2920 Sleep Mattress is designed to provide support to every inch of the mattress. This layer increases the usable sleeping surface of the mattress, so you can still get the support you need and sleep comfortably even if you’re laying on the edge of the bed.

Motion Disturbance

The 2920 Sleep Mattress will help you get a good night’s sleep even if you share your bed with a restless partner.

There are millions of micro air coils built into every 2920 Sleep Mattress. Each of these micro air coils absorbs movement rather than transferring it. This means you can sleep soundly through the night regardless of how many times your partner tosses and turns in their sleep.

Temperature Regulation

You won’t ever wake up drenched in sweat when you sleep on the 2920 Sleep Mattress. This innovative mattress is designed with the same heat-adaptive technology and materials used by athletic apparel companies. As a result, this mattress won’t trap your body heat, so you will remain cool and comfortable until morning.

Mattress Durability

Broken or sagging mattresses are not comfortable to sleep on, which is why it’s important to find a mattress that will hold up over time.

The 2920 Sleep Mattress was rigorously tested at the industry’s leading independent testing facility to ensure that its durability would exceed your expectations. Plus, every 2920 Sleep Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty so you can rest easy knowing that you are protected in the event your mattress starts to show the signs of premature wear-and-tear.

Thanks to 2920 Sleep Mattress, your search for the perfect mattress is over.

Sleep Soundly Through the Night On Your New Mattress

Purchasing a new mattress may seem overwhelming. Fortunately, it is possible to simplify the process of finding the best mattress for ultimate sleep comfort. In fact, the right mattress is just a few clicks away.

Now, you can finally kick back and rest easy on your brand new comfortable mattress!

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