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Isn’t it interesting that we spend a fortune on things that we rarely use, but when it comes to items that we routinely use, we try to save a few bucks. A great example for me, was my cell phone and a new bed. I finally upgraded my cell phone, but the bed took a little longer. I remember thinking it wasn’t something I needed to spend time or money on researching, because it didn’t matter that much. Did you know that you spend almost half your life in bed? It seems strange to skimp on a mattress when it touches your body more than anything else in your life. The idea of ‘savings’ here can be painful – literally.

I grew up sleeping on futons, bunk-beds, various couches and then later in college – uncomfortable dorm room beds and hand-me-down mattresses from family. Around the time I turned 35 I was experiencing some pretty severe back problems – I had been rear-ended, at one point had a foot brace that threw my hip out, and a knee injury from running. And of course, sore neck syndrome from all the computer work…. you know, just normal life stuff. At the time I was getting ready to move into a new apartment in Seattle and I was contemplating taking a futon from a friend.

Fortunately, another friend was wise enough to recommend that I purchase a bed of my very own. He made a very good point when he reminded me that I was a 35-year-old adult asking a friend for a futon. I laughed out loud, he had a very good point!

He also reminded me that buying a new mattress was an investment in myself. He calculated that I would only need to skip 30 dine-out meals per year in order to afford a mattress. Those meals are fun, but they only last a couple of hours, and they certainly won’t improve your back pain or sleep.

Improving your sleep when you’re a hard sleeper like me seems impossible, but the truth is, once I got that new mattress I started sleeping better than I had in years. Islept longer, found it easier to fall asleep, and easier to get up in the morning. Not only that, I felt my back and neck changing. After six months of sleeping on a good mattress, much of my chronic low and mid-back pain was fading away.

Scrimp and save by all means, but when it comes to your health, sleep, and body, make it a priority. There are plenty of affordable mattress options –especially online–that provide all the comfort, great sleep, and pain relief you need. For me, it was the 2920 Sleep mattress and pillows. With a 100-night trial I knew I had nothing to lose and so much to gain.

A really great night’s sleep – consistently night after night after night — on a comfortably firm yet soft enough for pressure relief mattress that keeps you cool and cozy all night long… Now that is the gift that you can and SHOULD give yourself. Your back has earned it, and I promise you deserve it. Thank me later.

A. Walker
Portland, OR

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Go ahead, take that nap. In fact, your boss says it’s okay* https://2920sleep.com/go-ahead-take-that-nap-in-fact-your-boss-says-its-okay/ https://2920sleep.com/go-ahead-take-that-nap-in-fact-your-boss-says-its-okay/#respond Thu, 20 Sep 2018 03:19:49 +0000 https://2920sleep.com/?p=7058 The post Go ahead, take that nap. In fact, your boss says it’s okay* appeared first on 2920 Sleep.


All right, that last sentence may have been a stretch. But, if we all did in fact take a wee little cat nap around 2 pm during our work day, we would indeed be more productive than if not. Don’t believe us? Check out this great article from the American Psychology Association (hyperlink: http://www.apa.org/monitor/2016/07-08/naps.aspx). The findings are pretty clear that taking a 20-minute power nap in the afternoon can have several benefits including problem-solving skills, increased creativity and enhanced learning.

Remember when you were young, i.e. a baby/toddler and you gave your parents the run around when it came time to nap? Well in fact, those naps they forced you to take were vital in creating essential brain functions and learning. Sleeping is the body’s natural answer to revitalizing the brain, body and of course, the soul. And even those short naps under 30 minutes are said to have a multitude of benefits for adults as old as 50. And if you are a parent of a little one, you have probably already learned – sleep begets sleep. Meaning, naps will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer at nighttime.

What is perhaps hardest in today’s society is that adults are all abuzz with their emails, their social calendar, the kids, the play dates, movie night, cooking class…and looming work deadlines. They can’t imagine shutting down for 20 whole minutes to re-power their brain. Yet, the simple act of doing so, could turn your exhaustive day into a productive one – one where you feel more rested, more alert and ready to face the next challenge.

More importantly, sleeping in small spurts helps rewire those neuro pathways in your brain. The ones that help navigate your daily life in a seamless way. For instance, you have just driven to your local grocery store and as you are about to get out the car, you realize you don’t actually remember driving there. No, it’s not sporadic amnesia. Those are your neuro pathways taking care of you, allowing you to act on auto-pilot. Here’s the thing though, the neuro pathways constantly need recharging in order to keep you evolving as a human. So again, those power naps or 20-minutes of sleep in the afternoon can work wonders.

In short, your boss may or may not support your sleep decisions. And we wouldn’t recommend taking a pillow into work (unless the company you work for is in the sleep business, wink wink). But taking those 20 minutes daily, even on the weekends, could potentially open your mind to wonderful new discoveries. It never hurts to try!

Guest Contributer
Wendy Hamacher, Portland, OR.
Mom, wife, world-traveler, blogger and word lover.

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How To Get Rid or Dispose Of Your Old Mattress https://2920sleep.com/how-to-get-rid-or-dispose-of-your-old-mattress/ https://2920sleep.com/how-to-get-rid-or-dispose-of-your-old-mattress/#respond Sun, 16 Sep 2018 20:34:18 +0000 https://2920sleep.com/?p=6909 The post How To Get Rid or Dispose Of Your Old Mattress appeared first on 2920 Sleep.


Congratulations on your new mattress! Unfortunately, that often means getting rid of your old mattress… Here’s a common sense guide on how to do it easily and in an environmentally friendly way.

If the mattress still has some life in it, charity organizations in your local area are a great option. Local churches, Salvation Army, Goodwill, or homeless shelters will often pick up the mattress at no charge, and you get the benefit of helping the local community.

Facebook and Craigslist
If you’re comfortable with social media, Facebook’s Marketplace or Craigslist are often a very quick way of getting the mattress picked up by someone in your local community – often in under 24 hours.

2920 Sleep is a proud member of the Mattress Recycling Council, and we are very supportive of efforts to recycle mattresses. Over 20 million mattresses end up in the landfill every year and most of a mattress unit and box-springs can be recycled… steel can be recycled, foams are used in carpet underlay, and wood can be used as a fuel source.

An easy first step is an internet search for a local mattress recycling facility. Bye Bye Mattress is run by the National Mattress Recycling Council.

Professional Removal
If it’s difficult or heavy to move, sometimes it’s easier to call the pro’s.

A good resource is www.GoLoadUp.com. They have an easy-to-use website that lets you schedule the time for the professionals to come to your house and remove any items needed. Use code SL2920 for an additional savings.

1800-Got-Junk is another good resource to use.

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What Is The Best Mattress Size For Me? https://2920sleep.com/what-is-the-best-mattress-size-for-me/ https://2920sleep.com/what-is-the-best-mattress-size-for-me/#respond Sun, 16 Sep 2018 19:52:39 +0000 https://2920sleep.com/?p=6906 The post What Is The Best Mattress Size For Me? appeared first on 2920 Sleep.


Here’s some common tips when deciding what size mattress to buy. Of course, if you’re using existing furniture or replacing an existing mattress you’ll want to check the current size or measure it and compare with our mattress size chart here. And remember that sometimes bed-frames can be a couple of inches bigger than the mattress size. If you have any questions, we’re also happy to chat about what will work best for you at support@2920sleep.com or calling the 2920 Sleep team at 877.2920.411.

Twin Mattress 39” x 75” x 10”
Great for children or one adult. It’s the smallest length and may be a good choice for small spaces or studio apartments.

Twin XL Mattress 39” x 80” x 10”
5” longer than a twin and is often used in college dorms or by students, taller teenagers, or in small spaces. Note: if you have an adjustable king frame, 2 twin xl mattresses will fit onto it!

Full/Double Mattress 54” x 75” x 10”
A great choice for a first mattress for adults. Many couples however find the full mattress to be too narrow if they share the bed with kids. A full or double mattress is often a great choice for the guest room.

Queen Mattress 60” x 80” x 10”
The queen mattress is the most often purchased size, and is a good size for couples.

King Mattress 76” x 80” x 10”
Wider than a queen mattress, the king is a great choice if you want plenty of room for a dog or kids to jump on! You might ask What do I do if I have an adjustable King Size Frame? Answer: Two twin xl mattresses! They will fit perfectly onto a king frame.

Cal King Mattress 72” x 84” x 10”
The Cal King is the longest mattress and is great for tall folks so your feet don’t dangle off the end. It’s 4 inches longer than a king mattress, but also 4” narrower.

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What are the Common Mattress Sizes? https://2920sleep.com/what-are-the-common-mattress-sizes/ https://2920sleep.com/what-are-the-common-mattress-sizes/#respond Sun, 16 Sep 2018 19:31:50 +0000 https://2920sleep.com/?p=6894 The post What are the Common Mattress Sizes? appeared first on 2920 Sleep.


When it’s time to buy a new mattress most people cannot remember which mattress size is bigger than the other. Is the Queen bigger than a Full? What size is a twin? And what is the difference between a King Mattress and a Cal King Mattress? Our chart and advice below should help guide you in what bed will fit into your room or space.

Mattress Sizes

Mattresses come in 6 common sizes. You may see a difference of 1” between different manufacturers but they’re all basically the same length and width for a given size. Just look at the chart and table below for the common dimensions…

Mattress Type Mattress Dimensions
Twin Mattress Size 38” x 75” x 10”
Twin XL Mattress Size 38” x 80” x 10”
Full Mattress Size 54” x 75” x 10”
Queen Mattress Size 60” x 80” x 10”
King Mattress Size 76” x 80” x 10”
Cal King Mattress Size 72” x 84” x 10”

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5 Apps To Help Your Nightly Routine https://2920sleep.com/5-apps-to-help-your-nightly-routine/ https://2920sleep.com/5-apps-to-help-your-nightly-routine/#respond Thu, 05 Jul 2018 22:57:22 +0000 https://2920sleep.com/?p=5705 The post 5 Apps To Help Your Nightly Routine appeared first on 2920 Sleep.


You’re not alone when it comes to needing a little help when it comes to your nightly routine. There are many apps out there that can assist when it’s time to wind down for the night. Here are our highly suggested ones:

1. Breathe

This app has hundreds of different meditations, not only to help with insomnia and people who have trouble sleeping, but also to help with your overall health, including weight loss, anxiety and work performance. And if you need that extra push, you can get a personal mindfulness coach to guide you through the whole process.

2. Pzizz
Pzizz uses science when it comes to snooze time. Using psychoacoustics, the Pzizz system will play you a combination of voiceovers, music and sounds that’ll help put your mind at ease, get you to sleep AND keep you asleep. It’s recommended to keep it playing all night and it also has fade-out timers to help you stay asleep.

3. Sleep Genius
Most people are used to forming habits and a nightly routine should be no different. Sleep Genius was created to train your brain to sleep by repeating the same patterns and rhythms. They’ve curated an algorithm that helps your brain fall into a faster and deeper sleep. Just decide on a bed time and let Sleep Genius help you fall asleep within 15 minutes.

4. Relax Melodies
If you’ve ever wanted to make music to help you sleep, here’s your chance. Relax Melodies has over 50 free sounds for you to mix and combine to create a personal mix just for you. You can even add in meditations for a more laid-back mood. Perfect for a midday pick-me-up too! Different sounds work for different people, so create the mix that works best for you.

5. White Noise Sleep Pillow Sound
This awesome app was featured on ABC and The Wall Street Journal! The app has naturally recorded sounds that’ll enhance your relaxation and get you sleepy. It creates a cyclical sleep pattern for you to get used to. With up to 300,000 sound combinations, you can choose from sounds like tropical rain, outside bonfire, beach waves, and even baby lullabies.

*6. Bonus!
You won’t need to download this one. Simply hit the “off” button on your electronics 🙂

Good night and sleep well!

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Buying A Mattress? 5 Things To Consider First https://2920sleep.com/buying-a-mattress-5-things-to-consider-first/ https://2920sleep.com/buying-a-mattress-5-things-to-consider-first/#respond Thu, 05 Jul 2018 22:45:50 +0000 https://2920sleep.com/?p=5698 The post Buying A Mattress? 5 Things To Consider First appeared first on 2920 Sleep.


You have more options than you think when it comes to choosing the perfect mattress. Let’s help you out with a short list of things to keep in mind before you commit to the big purchase.

1. What Type Of Mattress Do You Want?
Just because a mattress works for “most people,” doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. The most common types of mattresses are memory foam, ‘standard’ foam, innerspring, hybrid, and air. Each has their unique qualities. Ask about the differences and key benefits to help determine what will work best for your needs.

2. What Is Your Sleeping Position?
Might come as a surprise, but the position you sleep in can influence the type of support your mattress should provide. Certain levels of support are better suited to certain sleeping positions (stomach, side, or back). For example, if you tend to sleep on your stomach a more supportive surface is suggested to help keep your back in proper alignment.

3. Does The Mattress Get Too Hot?
Something not everyone thinks about when they’re shopping for a mattress is the heat retention from the mattress itself. Some can get really hot in the middle of the night because heat gets trapped and the ventilation is then blocked. Memory foam and inner-spring mattresses tend to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, with memory foam mattresses sleeping “too hot” and innerspring beds sleeping “cold”. “Standard” poly foam mattresses are great at providing pressure relief and comfort like memory foam, but sleep cooler than memory foam as less heat is trapped and the foam is more breathable.

4. Do You Have Specific Pain?
Does your lower back constantly hurt? Or do you find it challenging shaking off the stiffness when you first get up? The right mattress can help. Talk to the mattress company and tell them about your specific issues, and any aches and pains. Your discussion should include talk about firmness, support, and pressure relief which are all separate characteristics to understand in a mattress.

5. What’s The Return And Warranty Policy?
There’s always an adjustment period with a new mattress which could take anywhere from a couple of nights up to 60 days. Check if there’s a trial period and the return policy just in case it’s not the right fit for you. And make sure to ask about any restocking fees, shipping costs, pro-rated warranties, or other extras that can add up quickly. Most brands will offer some version of a 100 night trial, so you can test it out in the comfort of your own home and make sure it works for you.

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Tired Of Being Tired? 5 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep! https://2920sleep.com/tired-of-being-tired-5-tips-for-a-better-nights-sleep/ https://2920sleep.com/tired-of-being-tired-5-tips-for-a-better-nights-sleep/#respond Thu, 05 Jul 2018 22:10:27 +0000 https://2920sleep.com/?p=5685 The post Tired Of Being Tired? 5 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep! appeared first on 2920 Sleep.


Spending night-time hours just tossing and turning? Sometimes it can be tough to get a good night’s rest and actually sleep peacefully through the night. But we’ve found some tips that’ll help you get those 8 hours rest… or more.

1. Put The Gadgets Away
We know you want to check what’s happening on Instagram or Twitter, but it’s best to put the electronic devices away an hour before bedtime so you can wind down and get a clear mind before turning in for the night.

2. Dim Or Turn Off All The Lights
Ever woken up and looked directly into the light? Bright, right? Exposing your eyes to light when you’re trying to fall asleep will trigger your brain instead of soothing you to sleep like the sound of waves softly crashing onto the shore might. Try not to peep at your phone or gadgets in the middle of the night either… while they’re small, the power of their light might not be.

3. Adjust Your Room’s Temperature
The suggested temperature for a perfect night’s sleep is around 60-67 degrees because a lower temperature (but not too low!) allows your body to know that it’s ready to snooze. But your ideal temperature might be different so experiment to find out what works best for you.

4. Consider A New Pillow Or Mattress
If you’ve tried everything and still can’t seem to stay dreaming for long, it may be time to consider getting a new pillow or mattress. If you can’t remember when you bought the pillow then it’s probably a good sign it’s time for a new one! According to the National Sleep Foundation pillows should be replaced every couple of years, especially if it has lost its support and comfort. For mattresses it’s recommended to start considering a new one after 5 years as the pressure relief and comfort qualities start to become affected.

5. Set A Routine!
Whatever it is that works for you, be consistent. Stick to your routine so that your body can adjust and will recognize its bedtime when you begin your routine each evening.

Here’s to better sleep!

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Do this for a lifetime of better sleep… https://2920sleep.com/do-this-for-a-lifetime-of-better-sleep/ https://2920sleep.com/do-this-for-a-lifetime-of-better-sleep/#respond Mon, 16 Jan 2017 21:19:48 +0000 http://2920sleep.com/?p=464 The post Do this for a lifetime of better sleep… appeared first on 2920 Sleep.


One of our beliefs at 2920 Sleep is that for most people a new bed is not the answer for a better night’s sleep. The secret instead boils down to one thing – habits!

The human body craves routine, and many of us are stuck with bad habits that hurt our sleep. The key is to slowly undo these bad habits (such as alcohol after dinner, or surfing the web in bed) and replace them with good habits (like reading a book in bed, or drinking herbal tea after dinner to relax).

Remember, the key with changing habits is to do it slowly. Just like our crash diets that never stick, it’s important to take time to build new habits. We challenge you to do this for the next 5 days…

Step 1: What is one bad habit stopping you from better sleep? Write it down now (it doesn’t matter where – on the fridge, in a journal, anywhere). Writing it down helps bring the problem to life. Trust us… write it down. And only write down the one habit you want to change first.

Step 2: What will you replace that habit with? Write it down now (starting to see a pattern). For example,

  • Replace late-night TV watching, or reading emails, with reading a book in bed starting at least 30 minutes before you want to sleep.
  • Replace after-dinner wine, beer, or spirits with herbal tea or even a cup of warm water. (alcohol within a couple of hours of sleeping disrupts your sleeping patterns)
  • Replace huge evening meals with a smaller mid-afternoon snack, and a medium-sized dinner. Or, maybe incorporate more filling vegetables into your dinner.

Step 3: Make the change for each of the next 5 days. Keep track each day by… writing it down!

Step 4: On day 6, pause and reflect. Were you able to make the change each day? And how do you feel now? More rested? Less stressed? More awake? Write it down!

Step 5: Congratulations! Now it’s time to add another habit…

Let us know how you did. We would love to hear from you at support@2920sleep.com.

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A random collection of ideas for better health https://2920sleep.com/a-random-collection-of-ideas-for-better-health/ https://2920sleep.com/a-random-collection-of-ideas-for-better-health/#respond Mon, 16 Jan 2017 09:02:00 +0000 http://2920sleep.com/?p=491 The post A random collection of ideas for better health appeared first on 2920 Sleep.


We’re always on the look-out for different tips and tricks for better sleep and health. Here’s a collection of new and old. We hope that you enjoy them and much as we have! Let us know which ones worked for you…

The Bedtime Drink: cup of hot water, mixed with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey.

Sunlight: as crazy as it sounds, make sure you get a dose of “real” light in the morning. Ideally at least 30 minutes. Going from the house, to your car, to the office often means you skip any meaningful exposure to sunlight in the morning.

Bath right before bedtime: try it with Epsom salt, just don’t make the water too hot.

Good Health begins with Good Sleep: think about how much you are personally invested in getting good sleep. Poor sleep is linked to, among other things, weight gain, more common colds, and cancer. Time for a change?

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