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Do this for a lifetime of better sleep…

Do this for a lifetime of better sleep…

One of our beliefs at 2920 Sleep is that for most people a new bed is not the answer for a better night’s sleep. The secret instead boils down to one thing – habits!

The human body craves routine, and many of us are stuck with bad habits that hurt our sleep. The key is to slowly undo these bad habits (such as alcohol after dinner, or surfing the web in bed) and replace them with good habits (like reading a book in bed, or drinking herbal tea after dinner to relax).

Remember, the key with changing habits is to do it slowly. Just like our crash diets that never stick, it’s important to take time to build new habits. We challenge you to do this for the next 5 days…

Step 1: What is one bad habit stopping you from better sleep? Write it down now (it doesn’t matter where – on the fridge, in a journal, anywhere). Writing it down helps bring the problem to life. Trust us… write it down. And only write down the one habit you want to change first.

Step 2: What will you replace that habit with? Write it down now (starting to see a pattern). For example,

Replace late-night TV watching, or reading emails, with reading a book in bed starting at least 30 minutes before you want to sleep.

Replace after-dinner wine, beer, or spirits with herbal tea or even a cup of warm water. (alcohol within a couple of hours of sleeping disrupts your sleeping patterns)

Replace huge evening meals with a smaller mid-afternoon snack, and a medium-sized dinner. Or, maybe incorporate more filling vegetables into your dinner.

Step 3: Make the change for each of the next 5 days. Keep track each day by… writing it down!

Step 4: On day 6, pause and reflect. Were you able to make the change each day? And how do you feel now? More rested? Less stressed? More awake? Write it down!

Step 5: Congratulations! Now it’s time to add another habit…

Let us know how you did. We would love to hear from you at [email protected].

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