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What is the Best Mattress for Hip Pain?

A woman wakes up with hip pain or discomfort.

What is the Best Mattress for Hip Pain?

A woman wakes up with hip pain or discomfort.

Hip pain can affect your daily activities and your sleep. There are many reasons why your hips could be sore or tender; a recent injury, an underlying medical condition or even just poor positioning while sitting or sleeping might aggravate the area and cause pain.

While only a doctor can diagnose the cause or source of your pain, you can take measures to better support and soothe that aching hip. When you’re experiencing pain of any kind, sleep can seem like an impossibility. Your mattress could help or hurt that sore spot.

What is the best mattress for hip pain? Try one made with poly foam!

Why is this innovative foam a good choice for sleepers with hip pain? This mattress offers:

  • Contorting support
  • Cooling comfort
  • Fewer movement issues (e.g. when your partner tosses and turns, you shouldn’t be affected)
  • Excellent pressure relief

No Medical Issues or Injuries? Check that Mattress!

If you know for sure that there’s nothing serious affecting your hip, then you might need to look at other causes. The issue may be as obvious as a deep dark bruise. We’ve all run into things while heading to the bathroom late at night; accidents happen. A painful hip bruise is going to be tender.

You might have slept in a weird position during the night. Maybe a favorite fur baby or your partner backed you into an uncomfortable position and your muscles rebelled.

However, one major reason for pain in the morning (in the absence of other conditions and injuries) could just be an old and ineffective mattress. How long has that favorite bed been your nighttime retreat?

If your mattress is 10 years or older, then it’s time to find an upgraded replacement. An old mattress will not provide the comfort and support your body needs. Without proper support, your body could feel achy in the morning.

Poly foam is the on-trend composition for modern mattresses. This type of mattress, though, isn’t just trendy, it’s also great for full-body support no matter how you sleep.

Contorting Support: Like a Hug for Your Body

Whether one side hurts or both, a high quality foam mattress can help mold to your sleep position. No matter how you sleep, a quality foam mattress should provide your body with optimum comfort.

You may use a body pillow to offer even more support if you want; sometimes pain relief is all about trial and error.

Cooling Comfort: Overheating Won’t Make You Toss and Turn

If you’re experiencing hip pain, tossing and turning too much through the night could make the pain worse. Some traditional memory foam mattresses may leave you feeling overheated since the material traps body heat, and this could leave you restless.

You should always choose a foam mattress  that includes a cooling treatment (like 2920!). You do not want your body heat to keep you awake at night, cause you to move around and flare up the pain.

Since we’re talking temperature, you also should avoid using a heating pad that’s set to a high heat on a foam mattress. While heating pads are commonly used to help soothe pain, be careful when setting the temperature. Very high heat could damage a foam mattress.

No Body Waves: Say Goodbye to Sleep Turbulence

Does your partner keep you up with every single movement? When you’re in pain, that movement could move you, too.

One of the reasons why foam is so beloved is because the material limits sleep turbulence (or “motion transfer”) caused by our companions. If your coil mattress sends waves with every move, you might consider upgrading to a quality poly foam option.

When movement interrupts us at night, we may be enticed to reposition or move, too. Even nudging around a little could aggravate pain.

No Pressure: Relieve It

Since foam mattresses contort to our positions, the material may help reduce pressure on certain parts of the body.

When your hip is hurting, sleeping on the injured side may put more pressure on the pain…so beware! Stomach sleepers might want to think about a different position, because sleeping on your belly can cause pain and other issues.

Your body is unique, though, so sleep in a position that makes your pain feel better. Again, you might want to grab a body pillow for extra comfort or to better support your sore hip.

Pregnant women use body pillows to help support their bodies and provide better sleep comfort, so this could work for you, too!

Hip pain can have many causes, and that pain can result in miserable days and sleepless nights. While only a doctor can rule out and diagnose an injury or an underlying condition, you can find the perfect prescription for your sleep comfort.

Since quality poly foam helps cradle the body, this may be a great mattress choice for those with hip pain. Plus, the material limits sleep turbulence caused by your partner’s nighttime movements! If you know that there is no medical reason for your pain, you also might consider upgrading your mattress. An old and worn down mattress just might be the culprit for your hip pain.

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