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How To Shop For The Best Mattress For Arthritis Pain

best mattress for arthritis pain

How To Shop For The Best Mattress For Arthritis Pain

best mattress for arthritis pain

The best mattress for arthritis offers sleepers body contouring and pressure-relieving support to combat the discomfort and pain caused by inflammation.

To understand why sleep, mattresses and arthritis are closely linked, we need to dissect the relationship between arthritis and sleep.

Arthritis is a painful and sometimes debilitating condition that causes inflammation in the joints and the tissue around the joints.

While a few hundred arthritic conditions exist, most share similar symptoms including pain, achiness, stiffness, and swelling around the affected joints.

These symptoms can make everyday activities challenging to say the least. Many affected by arthritis report that the symptoms of the illness have a detrimental and limiting impact on their lives.

Sleep disturbances and insomnia caused by pain and discomfort due to stiffness and aching are not uncommon.

An estimated 80 percent of people suffering from arthritis also experience sleep problems.

How Arthritis Affects Sleep

Many individuals with arthritis struggle with falling and staying asleep. The pain and stiffness caused by the inflammation in the joint tissue can be pervasive and intense.

The intensity and persistence of the pain can make it very difficult to relax and calm the mind to prepare for rest.

The sleep disturbances most frequently reported include struggling to fall asleep, waking up at various points throughout the night, and waking up much earlier than desired, cutting the total sleep cycle short.

While the number of hours of sleep each person requires can vary, the required range is typically seven to nine hours. With at least seven hours of restful sleep (including REM sleep) the body has a chance to recuperate and repair itself. Arthritis, however, can seriously affect sleep, making people with this condition feel tired and unable to rest appropriately.

Insomnia and Pain: A Vicious Cycle

Pain affecting sleep is to be expected, but did you know that sleep can also affect pain? Recent studies indicate that sleep and pain are closely tied to each other.

Sleep deprived individuals who also suffer from pain conditions like arthritis often also experience higher pain levels on a regular basis. Researchers believe that the lack of sleep changes the way the body’s central nervous system handles pain regulation.

The uptick in pain increases sleep disturbances, and the cycle continues. Some research has shown that those who struggle with insomnia also experience an increase in inflammatory markers, further driving up the pain, aching, and discomfort.

The only way to break the cycle is to get adequate amounts of restful sleep.

The Best Mattress for Arthritis Pain Relief

As part of practicing good sleep hygiene, medical experts recommend sleeping on a mattress that promotes comfort and pain-relief.

Foam mattresses rise to the top as the most effective type of mattress for pain relief. They provide appropriate levels of softness and firmness to balance support and comfort needs.

The body contouring quality of foam mattresses surrounds sleepers in a structured and supportive surface that molds itself to the shape of the body for maximum comfort.

Foam mattresses also feature a softer surface, over other mattress types, that can be more gentle and soothing on sensitive and inflamed parts of the body.

There are a variety of firmnesses and sizes available, each offering their own benefits in terms of pressure-relieving support.

For joint pain and discomfort in general, a mattress with pressure-relieving support is beneficial because it is able to offer the body support without triggering or aggravating tender points.

Mattress Shopping: Why Trying Out Mattresses Is so Important

With minimizing pain and sleep deprivation a top priority, the shopping process for the right mattress can be more challenging.

There isn’t any way to know for certain which mattress in the right choice without testing them out. Luckily, most mattress sellers (including 2920 Sleep!) offer trial periods to allow sleepers the chance to truly test drive a mattress before committing.

During the trial period, be sure to test the mattress in the same environment and bedroom that you usually sleep in. This will provide a more accurate experience overall.

Don’t Forget About Accessories!

A foam mattress can be hugely helpful in reducing discomfort and pain, but there are a few other sleep accessories you should consider as part of improving your sleeping environment.

To give yourself the best chance of improving your sleep, consider testing and replacing any accessories that cause discomfort or exacerbate your pain.

Look beyond your mattress and also consider the impact of other sleep items. Pillows, mattress toppers, and even sheets and duvets can also offer pain-relief and comfort with the right blend of technology, support, and fabrics.

Here’s to a restful night’s sleep.

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