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What is the Best Mattress for Back Problems?

Older man with back pain getting out of bed in the morning

What is the Best Mattress for Back Problems?

Older man with back pain getting out of bed in the morning

There are many reasons why you might experience back problems. An accident, sports injury or underlying medical condition could have caused damage or pain.

There also are numerous types of back problems, ranging in severity. A pulled muscle is very different than a herniated disc.

If you have a back condition that causes pain, the discomfort may make sleeping nearly impossible. Tossing and turning could aggravate the issue and lead to more sleeplessness.

If your doctor has diagnosed a back problem, you should have, hopefully, discussed ways to improve or alleviate the condition. If your back problem will be a lifelong issue, though, consistent comfort may be a goal.

No one should lose sleep because of pain. Your mattress should help alleviate some of your discomfort and provide proper support for your entire body. While your mattress isn’t — and can’t — heal your problems, where you sleep certainly shouldn’t make issues worse.

What is the best mattress for back problems? Is there a magical mattress that works for all back problems? Honestly, no one can or should make promises that one solution works for everyone. Why? Every issue is unique, every body shape is unique, and everyone’s individual needs are unique.

A couple lie on a mattress to test its comfort.

Trial…and Error

Finding comfort at night may be a little bit of a comfort experiment. If your current mattress is not providing good support on those tender areas, you may need to shop around.

Mattress constructions may feel different, both in support and comfort. Try lying on different mattress types to test firmness and support. It may be frustrating to try to sum up a bed in a few minutes, but you should be able to get an initial feel for how the mattress conforms to your body and if you even like the sensation of the bed. However 5 minutes in a showroom isn’t a substitute for trying ti overnight.

Some people lie on a mattress and know immediately that a certain mattress type won’t work for them. Maybe it’s too firm, too bouncy or too soft. Maybe you fall in love with a mattress type and know quickly that it’s your dream bed.

Testing out all different types of mattress construction lets you better find what works for your body. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, too. Sometimes the descriptions can be confusing, and Consumer Reports even says to ignore them. If you’re shopping online, there should be a customer service representative who can chat with you, or better yet, that you can talk to.

How Do You Test Online Brands?

If you’ve visited a mattress store you might have really loved the feel and comfort of memory foam. Maybe you’ve hunted online only to discover that LOTS of companies offer bed-in-the-box mattresses that are made of that same type of memory foam. Do you know that there are different types of foam mattresses? Poly foam, the one that 2920Sleep uses, being one of them?

How do you know that the boxed mattress will feel just as wonderful? If you buy a mattress online, many companies allow you to have a trial period with your new mattress. This means that you can keep the mattress for a designated amount of time to test it out.

If you discover after a week that you’re waking up sore, it might not be the mattress for you. The trial period lets you buy a mattress without the fear of wasting money on a bad mattress. However, you absolutely must read the company’s trial guidelines.

Trial periods aren’t there as a means to ‘game the system,’ though. If you truly are unhappy, talk to a customer service representative with the company to discuss options.

A woman holding a pen and working on a calculator to illustrate budgeting

A Painful Investment?

When you’re on the hunt for a good mattress to help soothe back problems, money could be an issue. Not everyone can afford to drop thousands on a new mattress—especially if those back problems resulted in medical bills.

Shop around and hunt for deals. Always set a budget so you know just how much you can spend on that mattress. Don’t think that the prices you see in stores are the end of the story. Go online and look at the prices of similar mattresses with other companies. Boxed mattresses may be cheaper. But remember that price and quality often go hand-in-hand. The cheapest mattress is often mae with the cheapest materials.

If you are shopping in a store, don’t let anyone pressure you to make a decision. It’s ok to walk away and think about your choices. Don’t say yes just because you’re feeling hassled.

Size Up Your Situation

Do you share your bed with a partner? Make sure the mattress size you purchase meets the needs for both bodies. If you are in pain, you don’t want to feel cramped or pushed to one side of the bed.

Try out different mattress sizes together and see how you fit. Keep movement in mind. If you move around a lot at night, you might need more space.

If you’re the only one in that bed, then you might have more options. You could select a smaller size. This just depends on your comfort and preference.

So what size do many couples choose? Again, this is personal. However, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes are all large enough to accommodate two people. Full beds are the smallest of these sizes…and a full mattress can feel a little tight if you are someone who prefers more room.

Venture out to a store and look at different mattress sizes. Lie on those beds and feel free to roll around. Who cares if you look silly! This is your mattress and your money. Test out that size!

You should also try getting off the mattress. If the construction is too thick, too soft or dense, you may have difficulty getting out of bed. Your back problem may make getting out of bed difficult or more painful, so you should choose a mattress that works best for you in terms of maneuvering on and off the bed.

Talk to Your Doc

No matter how great your mattress feels, it still can’t be a miracle cure. You may need to ask your doctor about the best sleep positions for your back. Maybe there are sleep tips that your doctor can share to aid in comfort; sometimes pillows are used to provide additional support or a heating pad might be recommended.

Your doctor is your best resource to help aid in your comfort and recovery. Sleep is vital to our physical wellbeing, and, again, your back condition should not leave you sleepless. No matter what mattress you purchase, talk to your doctor for advice on pain, comfort and the best sleep positions for you.

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