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What is the Best Bed Size for Couples?

A couple sleeping in bed next to an end table and an open book.

What is the Best Bed Size for Couples?

A couple sleeping in bed next to an end table and an open book.

Couples who share a bed need enough space for two. A mattress or bed that is too small will leave everyone feeling cramped and that could interfere with a good night’s sleep. However, just because you’re coupled up doesn’t necessarily mean that you need the largest bed on the market.

What is the best bed size for couples? Is there one size that rules them all?

Each couple’s needs are unique, and there are many other factors that affect what size mattress to select when you’re on the hunt for something new.

How do you sleep?

Some people toss and turn all night. They may wake up to find that they’re lying horizontal across the bed. Or maybe their feet are flung over the side.

How you sleep and how you move when you sleep will affect the bed size you select. If one or both of you are mobile sleepers, then a bigger mattress will be better for everyone.

Don’t move much during the night? You may be able to choose a smaller mattress fit for two.

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How much can you spend?

Larger mattresses—like King or California King—cost more money. Your budget will set the bottom line for how much mattress you can afford. While many mattress companies allow you to finance your new mattress over a period of a few months, you still need to know how much per month you can allocate for those payments.

Based on your budget and payment predictions, choose the mattress size that suits your needs and your finances. Never stretch your budget beyond your set limit. There is no reason to go into serious debt for a mattress! That investment should help you sleep better, and it shouldn’t leave you stressed and worried about money.

How much should you budget, though? What’s the difference in price for all the mattress sizes? If you’re shopping online at 2920 Sleep, our prices are set for each size. There aren’t any special sales or rebates, we offer special prices all year round. What you see is what you get. If you’re cost comparing a Queen and a King, the price difference is $200 in the year 2019. A King mattress is $1,295 and a Queen is priced at $1,095. However, a full size mattress is $950. All three sizes can fit two people.

How big is your room?

When you’re buying furniture, you should always measure the room…twice. Make sure those measurements are accurate, otherwise you may be returning a purchase. No one wants the hassle of a return!

You cannot cram a King sized bed into a room that’s too small. The bed is typically the dominant piece of furniture in the room, but it should not be the only item that fits into that room. Choose a bed size that fits comfortably in the space and leaves enough room for a dresser, end tables and plenty of space to move around. You may also want to use the app RoomScan, which measures your room for you!

If your room is tiny, then you might not have any other option besides selecting a full-size bed. You need to work with the space you have.

What do you do if your room is small, but you absolutely must have a bigger bed? What if a smaller bed just won’t fit the two of you?

While a massive bed that takes up the whole space might not look aesthetically pleasing, you may not have another option. But if making your room one big mattress isn’t even feasible, you may have to opt for two beds and sleep in separate rooms. Or grin and bear the cramped quarters.

A senior couple lie on a mattress together while shopping for a new bed.

Consider your personal space, too!

Every individual body is unique. Our height and body shape are all different. So we need to consider that, too, when shopping for mattress size. Two tall bodies might not fit comfortably in a Queen sized bed. Even a King could be too short, and the right option could be the longer California King model.

When shopping for a mattress or bed that fits both comfortably, head to a store and lie down on different mattress sizes. This will give you an idea of how comfort is affected by size. Even if you aren’t mobile sleepers, choosing a bed that’s too small will still feel not so great at night.

What if you can’t get to a store and you plan to order a mattress online? How do you know what will fit both of you? Check out the mattress dimension chart to use as a reference on sizing up mattress sizes. Use your own mattress as a guide for your new choice. If your current mattress is cramped, go up a size…if your budget allows.

Is there one mattress size that’s best for all couples? No, because choosing a mattress size—even for couples—depends on too many other factors. Yes, there needs to be plenty of space to move comfortably. However, sometimes a small room or a small budget leaves little room for bigger mattresses. Choose the size and price that fits the two of you, but always keep that purchase at a price that you can afford. So the best mattress size for couples? The size that meets the budget and everyone’s comfort needs!

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