Independently Tested, Best in Class Results

Designed for the Best Support

Research shows that Support is the most important factor in getting quality sleep. We spent two years researching, designing, and building the internet’s most supportive mattress. The result – one simple model with all the best attributes.

Few companies subject their beds to the leading independent 3rd party testing facility, much less exceed their highest standards in all categories.

The 2920 Mattress is the tested solution for the leading causes of poor sleep: Support, Motion Disturbance, Temperature Regulation, and Durability.

Support & Pressure Relief

Our unique construction and use of new generation materials tested in the sweet spot of firmness and pressure relief to meet the needs of the majority of sleepers. The Comfort Stack TM also improves edge support, giving you more usable sleeping space.

Motion Disturbance

Partner disturbance is a leading cause of poor sleep. The 2920 Mattress exceeds the highest level for stability, meaning a better night’s sleep for you.

Temperature Regulation

Incorporating new generation materials and heat adaptive technology – used by performance athletic companies – the 2920 Mattress helps you sleep cool and dry.


Tested extensively to give us the confidence to provide a 10-year warranty against premature wear-and-tear.


Our unique four-layer design to deliver the best support and give you a great night’s sleep.