About Us

Our Story

Sleep is such a key component of your health, we decided to focus our mission on the most important 8 hours of your day. We strive to make high quality products to support that practice.

Like many, our mattress purchases were also frustrating experiences… spending 2 minutes lying on a bed in a showroom, getting up and lying on several more, and then not being able to tell the difference between any of them. On top of that the frustration of extra markups for delivery, trying to compare prices, and then trying to negotiate.

How is this different from the story you might read on any number of mattress websites? It’s not much different, because buying a new mattress can be a terrible customer experience. This seemed like a familiar problem we tackled before at TrueCar.com – working with car buyers to solve the same issues: a poor shopping experience and paying a fair price. If we could make Buying a Car easy, fair and fun, why not a new bed! With our success building a great experience for Car Buyers, why not address these same problems in the sleep industry. Buying a car is the second largest purchase most people make, so it’s important to get it right. And in many ways your mattress and pillow investment is just as important – if not more – considering the impact it can have on your quality of sleep and health for years to come.


Laser Measured

Our journey started with benchmarking the leading competitors. It was quickly apparent that there was room for improvement. Many competitors were tackling the experience problem, but many fell short on quality and design to provide proper support and pressure relief. Reviews referred to their beds as being “comfortable but too soft” or “lacking proper support”, or “the quality of workmanship” not matching expectations.

100 Night Trial
10 Yr. Warranty
Customized Support

From research studies, Support is recognized as the most important criteria for a good night’s sleep. And it is also the most difficult part of the design process to break down. We deliberately designed our bed and pillow in conjunction with a seasoned product development team and then tested it with chiropractors, physical therapists, athletes, and hotels to gather feedback. We then backed it with a simple 100 Night Trial to give you peace of mind.

“Mattresses and pillows are a necessary and integral part of spinal hygiene. Support, comfort and durability should be considered when bed shopping. The 2920 Sleep construction is leading edge and the materials used are superior… leading edge for sure.”
Dr. David Craig, Mammoth Chiropractic & Sports Medicine

“The 2920 Mattress has a superior quality feel and build. Straight out of the box it was ready to sleep on with zero off-gassing. Most mattresses require up to 24 hours to fully restore — this was certainly not the case with the 2920 Mattress. The cover has a soft desirable feeling. Most importantly, the 2920 Mattress has much better overall support, and edge support, than others at this price-point such as Leesa and Casper.”
*Review from the editorial team of honestmattressreviews.com, the leading independent reviewer of mattresses.

“This is my first experience of a customizable pillow; I can’t imagine ever going back to the old-fashioned kind. Worth the investment, for sure.”
Alyssa, owner of 2920 Mattress and Pillow.

“We have rediscovered the joy of going to bed! Extremely comfortable mattress and pillows. Each piece is very well made and designed, pleasing to both the eye and to touch.”
Patrick, owner of 2920 Mattress and Pillow.

Our Values

When we started the company, we agreed on certain values that would drive our business.

Providing High-Quality Products & Information

Honesty & Fairness to customers and employees

Being aware of our Environmental impact

Working with Reputable Businesses and Suppliers

Employee Well-Being and Work-Life balance

Our Team

Dave Pributsky has experience leading digital strategy with consumer brands such as TrueCar, USAA, AAA, American Express and Consumer Reports.

Dave is excited to launch a new brand focused on overall well-being… having a great 8+ hours of sleep means you’ll have an even better day when you wake up.

Dave is hoping that his better sleep translates into better surfing, hiking and being active with his family.

Karim O’Driscoll has hands-on experience in digital-to-retail operations and customer service with companies such as TrueCar, Nissan North America, Mercedes Benz USA, AutoNation, and Mammoth Mountain Resorts.

Karim loves learning about new health and wellness trends, products, and information. 2920 Sleep is a fantastic opportunity to bring this to life.

Karim and his wife will be the first to test new products and trends to make sure they work in real life as they enjoy their outdoor passions of hiking, skiing, and mountain biking.

Product Design &
Testing Department

Our head of Product Design has over 25 years experience designing beds for leading brands. His focus is quality and support. He is an expert in the latest materials and technology and has designed and tested the 2920 Sleep products to provide best-in-class Support and Pressure Relief.

Manufacturing & Supplier
Relations Department

While we are focused on maintaining product quality with our suppliers, we are also exploring new partnerships that can help us improve our environmental footprint. This includes working with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to leverage materials sustainability data for new product development, the Mattress Recycling Council to support recycling initiatives, and Patagonia to learn Best Practices in manufacturing and sustainability.

Customer Experience

We’re committed to helping our customers have a great night’s sleep. Our Customer Experience Team is here to answer phone calls, emails, and chats to help you sleep better. Great listening skills and patience are our strengths – we want to make sure you’re getting the best advice and recommendations possible. If we don’t think we are the right fit for your sleeping needs, we’ll let you know.